Disinfection solutions

Disinfection tunnels and ports

GOAL: To reduce a probability of infection spread by sanitizing outerwear and human exposed skin areas.

Fast and efficient

Whole process takes only 3-5 seconds per person, helping to avoid queues in high traffic places.

Contactless disinfection

Motion sensor activates a process automatically.

The product is manufactured
According to the CE standards

The control system and electrical part are made according to the European standards.

An applied technology

Is based on a high-pressure system that supplies a minimal cross-section of the output port nozzles with a sanitizing solution, forming a fine-dispersed cloud that covers a surface evenly.

Particles that are up to 30 microns in size have a high kinetic energy and penetrate fabric layers and hair, providing maximally possible disinfecting effect.


Electrical junction box with electrical equipment and control panel

That is made of reliable European components (Schneider Electric) and has an IP65 level of protection. Also contains controlling of different processing modes:
A process being launched by the motion sensor.
A constantly running disinfection process.

Storage tank

Capacity of either 50 or 200 liters being embedded in the cabin allows to sanitize a larger amount of passer-by's.

Antiseptic supply system

The pump provides a supply of antiseptic solution to nozzles with a cross section of 0.15 mm, with a pressure of up to 100 bar


Static or mobile tunnel bodies can be made of tarpaulin, stainless steel or painted steel.
Resistant to the chemical composition of antiseptics. Inside sheathed with plastic or stainless steel panels.

  • The system can work with any acceptable, safe, liquefied disinfection solution

Principle of operation:

Tunnel disinfection is an effective solution to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

A motion sensor is installed at the entrance of the tunnels. When the sensor is activated, a signal is transmitted to the pump. The pump activates a bypass valve and the disinfectant gets dispensed. The display system allows to control a process.

A finely dispersed cloud of antiseptic covers clothing and exposed areas of the human body evenly. Volumetric spraying allows you to disinfect maximal surface area of the body. Spraying time is adjustable and is 3-5 seconds (other values are possible).

The barrier to infections and pathogens remains for a long time, depending on the type of disinfectant used. The process of decontamination and sanitary treatment of people in tunnels is fast, efficient, economical and non-contact.

Available models:


The main advantage of this model is mobility. It is easy being transported and stored. Simple construction allows to mount the equipment within an hour. A storage tank and a control panel are located outside the tunnel.

TD Standard

The advantage is the optimal price and quality. Reliable, functional model. The casing is made of powder-coated steel that makes our product serve longer. The internal part is made of metal composite panels. The storage tank and control panel are located inside the tunnel casing.


The advantage is a premium construction. Casing and inner part of product are made of stainless steel. Increased processing area due to a large number of disinfection contours and nozzles. It is resistant to the environment effects and can be used outside.


The benefit is an easy-to-assemble modular body made of metal-composite panels. Low logistics costs and the possibility of installation in any premises. Equipped with a ramp, increased width of the working area. TD EXP contains wheels for convenient installation.

PD 100 (The port)

Advantage - small-sized, mobile, collapsible design. A wonderful solution for indoors and outdoors usage. The casing is made of stainless steel. Volumetric spraying with two circuits produces high-quality disinfection of a person in a short time interval. Easy installation of the frame allows you to quickly move and remove it in a highly crowded places.

Why our disinfection tunnels efficient and convenient?

  1. Up to 5 disinfection circuits

    One treatment circuit is not enough for effective disinfection, volumetric spraying is required.
    In PD models there are 2 circuits (10 nozzles),
    in ECO, STANDARD and TD EXP we use 3 circuits (22 nozzles),
    in PRO — 5 processing circuits (36 nozzles).

  2. Evenly disinfection

    Nozzles are located the way that human body gets evenly disinfected from all sides.

  3. Long lasting effect

    Unlike other disinfection methods (for example ultrasonic mist), our high-pressure spraying system guaranties the penetrating effect of an antiseptic due to the high kinetic energy of the aerosol particles. Exposure time is significantly higher than in similar equipment.

  4. Completely contactless disinfection

    The idea of using disinfection tunnels implies a non-contact disinfection. Our goal is to avoid any human contact with the surfaces of the product.

  5. Manufacturability of the construction

    The tunnels are designed considering ease of use and service as well as minimal involvement of specialists at startup. We iteratively improve design features to ensure the devices are as affordable and efficient as possible around the world.

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