Safety Automation System (SASdb) for Statoil


  • Preface
  • Structure of SASdb
  • Tags&Loops
  • Cause&Effect
  • Alarm management
  • Context&Hiding
  • Import and Export data. XL template approach
  • Karsto implementation


Safety Automation System (SASdb) project was started by Statoil in 2008. The main idea is store all engineering date in one place. Before company was using desktop solution, and was decided to implement SASdb as a web application.
Application is written on ASP.NET and uses MS SQL database.

Structure of SASdb

SASdb has some basis tables and functionality and modular structure. So we can extends application by new modules according plant needs.


The primary date of every plant is a Tag. Plant consists of plenty types of different instruments: transmitters, valves, switches and etc.


Safety Automation System Sasdb


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