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  • MidTechnology AS delivers the IEC 63131 training for Hafslund Oslo Celsio AS
    MidTechnology engineers conduct the course on principles of IEC 63131 (Previously NORSOK I-005), as well as the application of this standard in SCD Toolbox software.
  • MidTechnology AS signs the contract with Aker BP
    The agreement focuses on the update of Ivar Aasen installation SCD documentation for compatibility with the latest version of SCD Toolbox. The updated documentation is also to be fully functional for AML export of the information contained in SCD's.
  • MidTechnology continues the support of Krafla (renamed to Munin) project.
    The initial scope of AML export was expanded to cover additional elements of the Safety and Automation System, such as ESD Hierarchy and sequential flow charts, after successful test of solution prototype. As the SAS vendor for the project was changed to Siemens, MidTechnology specialists will be working in close collaboration with Siemens team to achieve flowless AML export between various types of software used by different parties of the project.
  • MidTechnology AS engineers will take part in the Karish FPSO project on behalf of Kanfa AS.
    The main scope of the company activites will focus on the Integrated Control & Safety System (ICSS) engineering for delivery of Flash Gas Compressor Train 2 to the installation.
    This project will include:
    • ICSS supplier (Siemens Energy AS) follow-up
    • Leading of ICSS and Instrumentation scope onshore pre-commissioning and offshore commissioning support.
    • Design of SAS documentation in close collaboration with DNV as a part of Safety and Environmental Critical Element (SECE) verification.
  • MidTechnology engineers will participate in DolWin 5 project on behalf of Aibel AS.
    Our team will be leading the process of SCD documentation development for the entire installation in close collaboration with ICSS supplier (ABB).
  • New organisation purchases SCD Toolbox software!
    Techouse AS signs the license agreement on the supply and technical support of the SCD ToolBox software.
  • MidTechnology AS team successfully finishes its scope of the Martin Linge CCR Relocation project.
    The scope of MidTechnology engineers included:
    • Following-up of ICSS Supplier.
    • Mechanical Completion and handover of ICSS to the client.
    • Support of installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.
    • LCI documentation issue process control.
  • New organisation purchases SCD Toolbox software!
    Wärtsilä Gas Solutions Norway AS signs the license agreement on the supply and technical support of the SCD ToolBox software.
  • MidTechnology AS team continues the support of Njord Bravo project after its undocking.
    Njord Bravo FSO has been successfully undocked and now is moored at yard in Haugesund. Engineers at MidTechnology will further participate in engineering and commissioning activities, as well as in SAS engineering and design for Njord Bravo.
  • MidTechnology performs SIL calculations within the scope of the Edward Grieg project.
    MidTechnology engineers perorm SIL calculations and create SAR according to IEC 61508/61511 and OLF-070 for Parat high voltage electrode boilers, which will be delivered to Edward Grieg project.
  • SCD Toolbox software is successfully applied for the Johan Sverdrup project
    The application of SCD Toolbox software for Johan Sverdrup AML digitalization project has proven its viability with positive feedback from all involved partners. Work on further updating of SCD Toolbox software continues.
  • SCD Toolbox software is upgraded for the support of AML export
    SCD Toolbox software is updated for the use in digitalization projects. In this case, the software is updated to facilitate the automated transfer of SCD diagrams to Kongsberg Maritime control system via AML export, according to IEC62424. This solution will be used for Johan Sverdrup Phase II project via Aibel and Aker EPC contractors.
  • AkerSolutions AS purchases SCD Toolbox software and additional training!
    AkerSolutions AS signs the license agreement on the supply and technical support of the SCD ToolBox software. In addition, MidTechonlogy specialist will conduct a training session on IEC 63131 principles and application, along with its implementation in Toolbox software.
  • MidTechnology participates in the Martin Linge CCR relocation project.
    MidTech signs an agreement with Kanfa AS for engineering and technical support of the Martin Linge CCR relocation project.
  • MidTechnology AS engineers join the Krafla project based on the agreement with Aibel AS.
    Our specialists will tailor the AML export functionality of SCD Toolbox for automatic transfer of SAS design to the automation vendor system (ABB).
  • New organisation purchases SCD Toolbox software!
    Aibel AS signs the license agreement on the supply and technical support of the SCD ToolBox software.
  • Det norske oljeselskap ASA and KBR, Inc. extend license agreements for SCD Toolbox software.
    MidTechnology AS, Det norske oljeselskap ASA, and KBR successfully continues their ongoing partnership in the sphere of IT software solution supply. The license and support agreement for SCD Toolbox is renewed.
  • New organisations purchase SCD Toolbox software!
    ABB and Guard AS sign the license agreement on the supply and technical support of the SCD ToolBox software.
  • MidTechnology engineers participate in the Njord Bravo refurbishment project.
    The scope of the agreement between MidTechnology AS and Wood Group plc. includes control system design, as well as SCD and HMI development.
  • Siemens Energy AS signs an agreement with MidTechnology AS on the supply of SCD Toolbox licenses.
    The goal of the agreement is to create a full compatibility between various software for further improvement of the SCD design and engineering process.
  • MidTechnology participates in various projects led by Wood Group Plc.
    During 2017, MidTechnology is participating in different projects for Wood Group plc.
    The list of these projects includes two Engineering Studies:
    • Garantiana – Tie-in Feed Study
    • TOP Feasibility Study
    Participation in these studies with a close cooperation with specialists from Wood Group becomes a valuable experience for MidTechnology.
    In 2017, MidTechnology also participates in the following modification projects:
    • Snorre-A, H2S Scavenger Injection
    • Snorre-A, Increase relief capacity on separator
    • Snorre-B, ROV modification project
    The scope of MidTechnology engineers' responsibilities includes engineering, commissioning, offshore planning, project and vendor following up for the SAS related activities.
  • MidTechnology participates in Culzean Project
    MidTechnology signs the agreement with Novenco Marine & Offshore A/S to engineer the PCS system for HVAC packages on 3 platforms of Culzean project. The agreement concerns the preparation of SCD drawings using SCD Toolbox software, I/O lists, HMI sketches, wiring diagrams and other SAS related documentation.
  • MidTechnology completes the control logic design for gas export train crossover solution at the Kollsnes plant.
    This project, performed under a contract with Wood Group plc., includes SCD, C&E and HMI sketch development for Process Control System of the gas export train crossover.
  • Midtechnology participates in Hejre project led by Wood Group plc.
    In this project, MidTechnology performs SAS documentation review, including SCD, C&E, wiring diagrams and other SAS related documentation.
  • MidTechnology signs the license and support agreement with AS KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root Limited) .
    The agreement includes the supply of SCD Toolbox software with its technical support for 3 years within the scope of Johan Sverdrup LQ Platform Project. "This agreement will allow to create long-term predictability at today's market. We are very pleased that our customers give us this renewed confidence." - says project manager Vlad Naiman.
  • Contract with ACG Marine Italy.
    MidTechnology AS is awarded with a contract by ACG Marine on supply of SCD ToolBox. This software will be used on the ACG project for the design of the process control system. The engineers of MidTechnology AS will also design the control system for Sodium Hypochlorite Unit. The agreement is signed with the support of Eldor Technology AS.
  • MidTechnology AS signs the contract with Statoil ASA for vendor support of the SAS web tools on Snøhvit project.
    The scope of the contract includes the upgrade of the SAS engineering/maintenance web solution, as well as the technical support of this software. The intial version of the SAS Web solution was developed by MidTechnology AS for Statoil Snøhvit project in year 2008.
  • MidTechnology AS is awarded with a contract by REINERTSEN AS.
    According to the contract, MidTecnology AS supplies SCD Toolbox software for REINERTSEN AS. The software will be used on one of REINERTSEN projects for engineering and design of control systems.
  • Assignment agreement with Wood Group Mustang AS for Valemon project.
    The scope of agreement includes SAS technical support of the Valemon Hook-Up Project commissioning. Engineers of MidTechnology AS will be involved in the consequence analysis of all logic solvers based on the review of System Control Diagrams, Cause&Effect spreadsheets, P&ID drawings, and Functional Specifications of the equipment.
  • Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S contracts MidTechnology AS to design and engineer the process control system for fresh water maker unit at Mariner UK project.
    In this project, engineers of MidTechnology AS with the use of SCD Toolbox are to design and engineer the freshwater production control system with its visualisation on System Control Diagram. The process control system, along with the Cause&Effect matrices, are to be designed in accordance with the NORSOK I-005 standard.
  • SCD Toolbox is presented on the IFEA Conference within the scope of the Siemens new technology demonstration.
    In Hejre project in Denmark, Siemens has supplied nodes generated automatically from SCD's created in SCD Toolbox software. This technology can be used for the Brownfield Upgrades where SCD's are created from existing nodes. SAS oppgradering av Brownfields
  • Agreement with Elektro & Automasjon Systemer AS on supply of SCD Toolbox.
    Midtechnology AS secures the contract with Elektro & Automasjon Systemer AS to supply of the SCD Toolbox licences. Within the scope of this contract, MidTechnology develops additional SCD blocks for SCD Library. SCD Toolbox is successfully used by Elektro & Automasjon Systemer AS for the project related to the design and engineering of control systems.
  • Det norske oljeselskap ASA signs the agreement on the use of SCD Visio Toolbox for Ivar Aasen Project.
    Company signs a license agreement for SCD ToolBox Software, as well as a 3-year support agreement.
  • Release of the SCD Toolbox prototype.
    The first prototype of SCD tool is developed on behalf of Statoil ASA. The idea to use MS Visio as a basic platform belongs to Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen - Principal Automation Engineer in Statoil ASA.
  • Development of P&ID Viewer prototype for Statoil ASA.
    P&ID Viewer software prototype is designed to provide easy access to P&ID drawings of a facility. The development of the P&ID Viewer prototype has resulted in a significant increase of the information accessibility for operators of Central Control Room.
  • Modification of the SASdb Statoil Kårstø Plant.
    Development of the Safety Automation System web application (SASdb) for Statoil Kårstø Plant.
  • Safety Automation System (SASdb) for Statoil
    Development of the Safety Automation System web application (SASdb) for Statoil Shohvit Plant, Hammerfest.


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